High (no, not 420 High) Adventure.

Crazy locations, crazy actions. Each of you is Xena. Except for Katt. He’s Gabrielle.
  1. Heroic Tier – Building your Airship
  2. Paragon Tier – Flying your Airship around and Pwning Face
  3. Epic Tier – Your Airship is turned into a ???

The Mourning.

You’re gonna find out what caused it. You’re gonna fix it.
  1. Heroic Tier – I’m all emo about the Mourning and how it messed up my life.
  2. Paragon Tier – OMGWTFBBQ We have hints about who caused the Mourning, and we’re gonna make those bastards pay.
  3. Epic Tier – We know how to fix the Mourning, and boy-howdy it isn’t pretty.


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