Season 1 Episode 1

[Four Years Ago]

The party met on the border of Cyre, at a border landmark known as the Scarred Tower.

The Cyrans (Rowena, Rowander, Shield) were sent there mysteriously by their commander, rather than staying with the main army. The Cyrans were to scout the tower to make sure it wasn’t being used by the enemy to scout. However, you suspect there was some other motive.

Hianan was instructed to meet her warchief at the tower, and bring the Storm Dragon there.

At the Scarred Tower, the party instead found some foulspawn had captured a noble merchant from Sharn, named Bren ir’Gadden. Bren was chained up, and his servant, Aric Blackstone was also chained. However, Aric was being chained inside of a mysterious glowing Prophecy Mark. When the Prophecy Mark was studied, it left its mark on Hianan and Cumulo, and whispered a mysterious message:

Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

Upon emerging from the Scarred Tower, the party was attacked by agents of the Emerald Claw, intent on capturing Bren and Aric. During this battle, the party witnessed the Mourning in front of them.

Cyre was lost.

[Present Day]

The party was invited to a Mourning remembrance ceremony in Sharn. The ceremony was attacked by some strange demon infused with the power of the Mourning.

The party tracked the demon back to Delannan tower, where they discovered a eldritch machine that would blow up the whole tower, and much of Menthis Plateau also.

The party disabled the device. En route to the authorities, the party was attack by Aric Blacktree, who seemed to also be wielding the power of the Mourning.


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