Season 1 Episode 3

After clearing out the warehouse, the party discovered several ledgers documenting the “shipments” being made into and out of this warehouse. Among those notes was one that said:

“Collect the Dhakkani Expert. He is due to speak on the morning of the 9th at Colmar tower. -S”

The party investigated in the ruins underneath the warehouse, and discovered a ruin left from the Dhakkani era. It is some kind of strange laboratory dedicated to “The Third Source”.

The next day, the party went to see the Dhakkani expert. The Boromar showed up to grab them, and they were foiled. The Dhakkani expert (Genarisk) proved to be a dreamlily addict, and is now in the Laboratory of the Third Source, smoking it up.

Just as they were about to set down for the night, the warehouse was attacked by a group of battered warforged. In the aftermath, a disheveled and a bit crazy man appeared, introducing himself as Ferrinus. He claims to know where Aric Blacktree is hidden.


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