Hianan of Clan Shiallis [Jesse]

Jesse's Valenar Elf Murderer


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[Before the Mourning] Hianan was sent into Cyre on a super-secret mission by the Valenar. Her instructions were to go to a specific location in Cyre, and retrieve “The Storm Dragon”.

Instead, she found the recent wreck of an airship called “The Storm Dragon”. All hands are lost, except for the gravely injured pilot, Cumulo d’Lyrandar.

Trying to fulfill her task, she reticently nurses him back to health, and then forces him at bow-point to get to her rendezvous point.

[After the Mourning] Hianan returns to Valenar, but is looked at in shame. Her entire warclan was wiped out by the Mourning. It is whispered that she was a deserter, since she miraculously survived. Nobody in Valenar knows about her secret mission.

Reluctantly, Hianan goes to Cyre, determined to follow around Cumulo and see if perhaps he is the “Storm Dragon” she was supposed to return with.

Hianan of Clan Shiallis [Jesse]

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