Rowander ir'Gouldin [Katt]

Former Military leader, family destroyed by the Mourning, now tries to keep his sister from getting killed.


Long Sword & Shield Chain Mail

Uses Brash Assault to allow his Sister (Avenger) to attack the target. Lots of Healing and Saves.

Will probably turn into the OT for the group.


[Before the Mourning]

Rowander comes from the ridiculously rich Cyran family, the Gouldins. The Gouldins had great pride in their Cyran culture, and Rowander was trained from an early age to be an important part of the Great War. Stuffy, militaristic and rigid. That would describe him.

[After the Mourning]

Rowander has wandered Breland and Thrane looking for signs that his family could have survived. There has been no luck with this. This has not been good for Rowander. He now freaks out about his half-sister because she’s always putting herself in harms way. Couldn’t live if something happened to her, etc. etc.

Rowander is a serious contender for the throne of Cyre, if there was a throne. However, Prince Oargev spent the last four years organizing the refugees, while Rowander was concerned more for finding his family.

Ever since the day of the Mourning, when he entered the Mourning, he has been seeking to learn what it is, what it did, and how to undo it.

Rowander ir'Gouldin [Katt]

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