Cumulo d'Lyrandar [Mike G]


[Before the Mourning>

Cumulo’s immediate family had not manifested the Mark of Storm in three generations. It was considered a huge boon when he manifested the Mark at a young age.

Cumulo showed great talent with using the Mark of Storm to pilot ships. He was steering his first elemental galleon at the age of 12. He was soon given pilot duties on newest airship of the Lyrandar fleet, the “Storm Dragon”. Nobody doubted that he would soon be a captain of his own airship.

The Storm Dragon’s maiden voyage was a secret mission from Stormhome to Zilargo. Only the captain knew it’s purpose.

As the Storm Dragon flew over Cyre, it was shot down by a mysterious lightning weapon. The airship was destroyed. Cumulo barely survived, and would have died of his wounds if not found by Hianan.

[After the Mourning>

Upon heading to Sharn to tell of his tale, Cumulo found that Tulo d’Lyrandar (see NPCs) had spread rumors about the crash of the Storm Dragon. Most of the House now believes that Cumulo crashed the Storm Dragon, and his tales of a mysterious lightning weapon are lies to cover it up.

Cumulo has since been persona non grata in the House, and not allowed to steer even a rowboat.

Cumulo d'Lyrandar [Mike G]

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