Rowena ir'Gouldin [Katy]


[Before the Mourning]

Rowena was adopted shortly after her birth by the Gouldin family. The Gouldins were a rich noble family in Cyre, with close ties to the crown.

There were also questions about the adoption. Why would a half-elf family adopt a full-blooded elf? Who were the real parents?

Regardless, she was raised alongside her brother Rowander equally and with love. In her teens, Rowena felt a “calling” the Silver Flame. The Gouldins had never been deeply religious, but indulged Rowena’s desires, and arranged for her to enroll in a monastery in Thrane.

Weeks before the Mourning, Rowena mysteriously returned to Cyre. The Order of the Radiant Flame kicked her out, saying she wasn’t an acceptable acolyte.

[After the Mourning]

Rowena and Rowander have spent the last four years looking for signs of their family. They have had no success.


She’s a manifestation of the Mark of Death?

Rowena ir'Gouldin [Katy]

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