House Rules

These are mostly changes I’m making on my side of the table.

(1) Stun, Daze, Dominate
These effects are no fun on either side of the table, and they are all brutally effective. Rather than coming up with a mechanical solution, let’s come to a gentleman’s agreement. We won’t overdo it. (i.e. If I get a monster with Dominate, I won’t chain it, since that sucks. You guys won’t hunt down the stun powers.) I’ll actively try and find ways to make these effects fun without taking away your actions.

(2) Expertise/NADs Tax
I think Expertise should be free, but there’s no easy way to make that work with the generator smoothly. Instead, I’ll be making the changes on my end. Monsters will have lower defenses, and their attack bonuses against NADs will be lower. Feel free to remind me to “Bake it in.”

(3) Magic items
Magic items should be bigger, flashier, rarer, and more memorable than “my magic boots” or “this axe that can kill gods, but I picked up at Magic-Mart”.

  • You have the Inherent Bonuses from the Character Generator. Just click the box, and your magic weapon/armor/neck is handled. You’ll have to buy masterwork armor in paragon/epic. It comes up as an option in the generator to buy when Inherent Bonuses is checked.
  • Wishlists are there if you want to have a hand in the decision. If you just trust me to do something cool, I can do that also.
    • Daily Magic item use won’t be tracked unless we have to. (i.e. don’t buy 15 Rings of Personal Gravity).
    • There will be a lot of custom magic items that are bigger than normal items. Again, I’ll be doing my best to make it so the generator works smoothly with the custom items. Here’s some examples:
      • The Scepter of Rhuk’Khalla – A Staff of Storms that also allows all damage to be lightning and thunder.
      • The Docent of the Eighth Moon – A Command Circlet and a Delver’s Light. The Docent has a rudimentary intelligence, and grants a +2 to Perception and History checks.

(4) Extra actions/attacks Any item or feat that gives extra actions/attacks as a free action requires my thumbs up. This is a table speed issue and a power creep issue.

House Rules

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